Frozen Chicken Shami Kabab

Savor the traditional flavors of our Shami Kabab, a delightful offering from our Processed Meat section. Made with the finest farm-produced meat from our own farms, our Shami Kabab is expertly crafted and conveniently frozen to retain its authentic taste and nutritional goodness.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Premium Quality Meat: We take pride in using high-quality meat from our own farms, ensuring our Shami Kabab is free from artificial additives, hormones, and antibiotics. This guarantees a healthier and more flavorful option.
  2. Authentic Recipe: Our Shami Kabab is prepared following a time-honored recipe that combines finely minced meat with lentils, aromatic spices, and herbs. This results in a rich, authentic taste that satisfies your cravings.
  3. Easy to Use: Our frozen Shami Kabab is extremely easy to use. It comes in pre-formed patties, eliminating the need for additional shaping. Simply take out the desired quantity and cook without thawing.
  4. Versatile Cooking Options: Our Shami Kabab can be cooked in various ways, such as shallow frying, deep frying, or grilling. This versatility allows you to enjoy it as a snack, appetizer, or as part of a larger meal.
  5. Quick Meal Solution: With our Shami Kabab, you can have a delicious and hearty meal ready in no time. Its pre-formed patties ensure quick and even cooking, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals and families.
  6. Rich and Spiced Flavor: Each Shami Kabab is carefully spiced and seasoned to perfection, delivering a burst of rich flavors in every bite. It captures the essence of traditional Pakistani Shami Kababs.
  7. Ideal for Snacking: Our Shami Kabab makes for a delectable and satisfying snack, perfect for tea-time gatherings or as a quick bite between meals.
  8. Preserves Nutritional Value: Freezing the Shami Kabab ensures that the nutritional value of the meat and lentils is preserved, providing you with a wholesome and nourishing meal.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Heat oil in a pan for shallow frying or deep frying, or preheat the grill on medium heat for grilling.
  2. Take out the desired number of frozen Shami Kabab patties from the pack.
  3. If shallow or deep frying, fry the frozen patties on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes on each side until they turn golden brown and crispy. If grilling, cook the frozen patties for about 5-6 minutes on each side until they are evenly cooked and have a charred appearance.
  4. Serve hot with mint chutney, sliced onions, and naan or as desired.

Quick and Convenient Meals:

Our frozen Shami Kabab offers a convenient solution for quick and delicious meals. Its pre-formed patties save you time and effort in shaping the kababs, making it an ideal choice for those who want a flavorful and hassle-free cooking experience. Whether it’s a snack or part of a hearty meal, our Shami Kabab brings the authentic taste of Pakistani cuisine to your table.

Experience the rich and spiced goodness of our Shami Kabab, sourced from our own farms and processed with utmost care to bring you an enjoyable and satisfying eating experience.