Peach Bites by Jamal Agri Farms

Product Description:
Delight in the succulence of peaches anytime, anywhere with Jamal Agri Farms’ Peach Leather & Bars. Each bar is an expression of our continued commitment to creating healthy, high-quality snacks that tantalize your taste buds and uplift your spirit. Harvested from our own organic farms, these peach bars hold the juiciness and natural sweetness of perfectly ripe peaches, transforming snack time into an invigorating fruit experience.

Our Craftsmanship:
We pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from farm to pack. We hand-harvest the most luscious peaches at peak ripeness. After meticulous washing, we extract the sumptuous pulp. This pulp is spread thinly and dried under precisely controlled conditions, preserving the natural, irresistible peach flavor and maintaining the perfect chewiness of Peach Leather & Bars.


  1. On-the-go Snacking: Whether you’re at work, hiking, or relaxing at home, Peach Leather & Bars offer a convenient, delicious snack option that fits easily in your pocket or bag.
  2. Kid-friendly Treat: Children love these bars’ sweet taste and fun texture, making them an ideal healthy snack for school or playtime.
  3. Culinary Adventures: Expand your culinary creativity by incorporating these versatile bars into your desserts, smoothies, or even adding a unique twist to your salads and breakfast cereals.


  1. Nutrient-dense: Filled with vital nutrients like vitamins A and C, and abundant in dietary fiber, each Peach Leather & Bar delivers a powerful punch of nutrition in each delicious bite.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants: High in antioxidants, these bars help your body combat oxidative stress and maintain overall health.
  3. Purely Natural: We add no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. You’ll enjoy the real, natural taste of sweet peaches in their purest form.

The Jamal Agri Farms’ Promise:
At Jamal Agri Farms, we are passionate about organic farming and uncompromising quality. This passion is reflected in our Peach Leather & Bars, which are loved and cherished by our customers. Dive into the refreshing and natural flavor, enjoy the chewy texture, and let your senses be delighted. Your perfect snack is just a bite away!