Fresh Green Chilies from Jamal Agri Farms

Jamal Agri Farms is proud to be a leading supplier of Fresh Green Chilies, grown with care and expertise on our own farms in the fertile soils of Punjab, Pakistan. We offer a diverse selection of chili varieties to cater to the broad array of culinary preferences of our customers worldwide. Here are the types of Fresh Green Chilies we provide:

  1. Bird’s Eye ChiliKnown for their small size but fiery taste, our Bird’s Eye Chilies pack a flavorful punch. Grown under optimal conditions, they’re the perfect ingredient for hot sauces, salsas, or any dish that requires a hearty burst of heat.
  2. Jalapeno ChiliCultivated on our Punjab farms, our Jalapeno Chilies offer a balance of heat and fresh flavor. Ideal for stuffing, adding to salads, or enhancing the spice profile of a plate of nachos, they add a delightful twist to numerous dishes.
  3. Anaheim ChiliOur Anaheim Chilies are the milder selection of our chili range. They are ideal for recipes that call for a subtle hint of spice, such as chili rellenos, soups, and stews.
  4. Serrano ChiliSerrano Chilies from our farms deliver a savory, vibrant flavor. They’re perfect for salsas, marinades, pickling, or as garnishes.

About Our Farms in Punjab

Our green chilies are cultivated on our extensive farmlands in Punjab, a region famed for its fertile soils and suitable climate. At Jamal Agri Farms, we use sustainable farming practices, ensuring the health and well-being of both the environment and our consumers.

We carefully oversee every step of the farming process, from sowing the seeds to harvesting the ripe chilies. This vigilance allows us to maintain the high-quality standards for which Jamal Agri Farms is known.

In line with our commitment to ‘From our farm to your kitchen,’ we ensure that our fresh, flavorful Green Chilies, cultivated on our very own farms in Punjab, reach your kitchen with their natural goodness fully intact.