Oranges from Sargodha, Pakistan

Citrus Fruits and Orange Fruit Online

  1. Kinnow Mandarin Oranges: Our Kinnow Mandarin Oranges are a true delight to citrus lovers. Known for their high juice content and invigorating sweet-tart flavor, these oranges make a perfect choice for juicing or enjoying raw. The thin, easy-to-peel skin gives way to a vibrant, seedless pulp packed with an ample amount of Vitamin C. Grown in the fertile soil of our Sargodha farms, these oranges are a testament to the unique flavor profile this region imparts.
  2. Blood OrangesAs the name suggests, our Blood Oranges boast a distinct crimson-colored flesh, a result of the presence of anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant. These oranges have a sweet flavor profile with hints of raspberry undertones. Whether it’s in salads, desserts, or cocktails, these vibrant oranges bring a burst of color and nutrition to your dishes.
  3. Naval OrangesPopular for their size, sweet flavor, and seedless nature, our Naval Oranges are a versatile addition to any kitchen. The thick skin encases a brightly colored, juicy pulp that’s perfect for eating out of hand, adding to salads, or cooking and baking. Nurtured in Sargodha’s favorable conditions, these oranges deliver a nourishing, delicious citrus experience.
  4. Valencia OrangesRecognized as the classic orange variety for juicing, our Valencia Oranges are brimming with sweet, tangy flavor. The balanced taste and high juice content make them a summer favorite. These oranges, grown in the lush landscapes of Sargodha, are an excellent source of vitamins and a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Jamal Agri Farms takes pride in our collection of orange varieties and offers Premium Citrus Fruits and Orange Fruit Online at Your Home , each meticulously grown and harvested in our farms in Sargodha, Pakistan. We are committed to delivering the highest quality citrus, capturing the unique taste of the region in every orange we produce. Try our oranges and taste the difference of sustainably grown, premium quality fruit.